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Folio geografi 2009 for form 2

Posted on: July 28, 2009

First the content must got


-senarai kandungan
make sure you put all the content in order

must say thank you to at least 3 people

why this folio is important

-objektif kajian

-kawasan kajian
2 internet map,1 hand draw map

-hasil kajian

-kaedah kajian

-bahan grafik
graf and jadual                                                                                                                                                     



I just finish mine so i know how to do. Ask any Question if i know i will answer


19 Responses to "Folio geografi 2009 for form 2"

OMG!! So happy I came across this blog. I really need help with my Geo folio. Please email me at manmohanjit1 [at] hotmail.com
I am like finding in every single place for a folio. Please do help me. Thanks so much!

I just post one folio sejarah hope you like it.
you know your my first comment.
I very happy cuz got my first comment!!!
Thank you very much!!!
And if youneed more help go here( Scribd )
They got every thing!!!

Hello, Can i have a example of Pendahuluan for my geografi form 2 plz email it to me at friends_vince@yahoo.com and can i copy the pendahuluan from my text book??? Plz reply soon

You can copy the pendahuluan in your text book.
As long as you don’t copy everything exactly .
But make sure you have your tujuan in .

Where is the link? Its not working.

I need help i dont know where is the link
and how to link

Thank you very much…

^^ ! ur folio geografi are kawasan kajian ? can u send ur documents of folio geografi to me as attachs file ??? i need all . and thx a lots .

you must put 3 map in geografi , kawasan kajian.
1 seputeh map
1 your school map
1 you draw your school map

peta utk kwsn kajian mcm mane nk dpt?

to get map for kawasan kajian go goggle map and sorry so long no reply my computer got problem

thanks for the scribd.

hi how can we do the rumusan.can u all plese send e-mail a copy of rumusan that is taman permai berbanding dengan singapura.thank u

actually i dont really knw wat is your geo tajuk
but i will give u wat i have
my teacher says that i put rumusan or not is ok
so all i can say is go scibd
SCIBD very good and helpful…..

can send me your folio geografi

how u want me to send it……..
i am too lazy to type
so just say wat point u want…………OK……………
and i will try my best

how about lampiran?
my folio geo have to put lampiran on it

my tescher say i dont need to put lampiran
but if u teacher say need
then u should
must do every thing just like u teacher say
to get full mark

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